Disable Auto-Play on ESPN.com Videos

ESPN.com is one of my favorite sites to visit and not only because I’m a sports fan, but also because they spit out some amazing web work. The one annoying thing that they (and most other sites) do is to auto-play their videos. Now, most times their videos have something to do with the article, but sometimes there are videos that lend no additional information to the article and are just there to boost ad revenue.

Thankfully, ESPN.com provides a simple way to disable auto-play on their site globally and it only takes two clicks.

Steps to Disable Auto-Play on ESPN.com

  1. Click the SETTINGS cog icon (bottom-right, immediately to the left of the FULL SCREEN icon).
  2. Click the AUTOPLAY slider to ensure that the selector is to the left.

You’re done! Now you can read their high-quality content without having videos forced upon you.

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